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Wateen Telecom Partners with Islamabad Diagnostic Centre to Provide Nationwide Connectivity

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Wateen Telecom Limited, a leader in the ICT sector and the backbone of Pakistan’s optical-fiber infrastructure has formed an alliance with Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC), a specialist in wide-ranging diagnostic services.

The partnership was signed by Adil Rashid, CEO, Wateen Telecom, and Dr. Rizwan Uppal, Founder & CEO, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre. Top officials of both organizations were also present at the ceremony.

Wateen, with its vast network, is set to deploy internet connectivity across IDC’s branches nationwide, facilitating a new era of teleradiology & telepathology along with data-driven diagnostics. This infrastructure of reliable and high-speed internet service is expected to transform IDC’s 24/7 operational needs, supporting the use of sophisticated imaging technologies, and ensuring their medical professionals have uninterrupted access to critical data to provide efficient patient care.

Dr. Rizwan Uppal, Founder & CEO of Islamabad Diagnostic Centre added: “Partnering with Wateen Telecom empowers us to fulfil our mission of delivering top-tier medical diagnostics. High-speed, reliable internet is pivotal to and critical for our operational needs, particularly in areas like teleradiology, telepathology and real-time data exchange, which are essential for providing the highest quality of care to our patients.”

Adil Rashid, CEO of Wateen Telecom said: “At Wateen, we understand how critical it is to have reliable and seamless connectivity in the healthcare sector. Our partnership with IDC is a reflection of our dedication to delivering high-speed, scalable, and uninterrupted internet services that will empower diagnostic labs with easy access to data, collaboration and research. Together, we aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare industry, which will ultimately enable them to provide excellent patient care.”

This partnership between Wateen Telecom and Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, not only equips IDC with the necessary tools to facilitate seamless tele-diagnostic services but also reaffirms Wateen’s commitment to enhancing the overall connectivity infrastructure across Pakistan.