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What is APM?

So, what exactly is APM? Application performance management (APM) software enables an organization to ensure that its critical applications conform to established industry standards and norms set for performance, availability, and quality of end-user experience.

What Does APM Do?

What APM does is that it checks and monitors the transaction speed for both the end-users and the systems itself along with the network infrastructure that plays a support role as a software application. It helps in generating end-to-end reports of potential bottlenecks and service interruption and allows system administrators to identify and diagnose the root cause of performance problems more efficiently.

Cisco's APM

The major benefits of incorporating an integrated Cisco Application Performance Management solution allow for a detailed and comprehensive view of various performance indicators of applications critical to the business through database monitoring and cloud-based monitoring. The greatest advantage of adopting APM tools is that they provide real-time performance issue alerts and generate reports that offer data related to performance analysis that helps IT teams repair, improve, or update application software.

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