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Managed Network Services in Pakistan

Managed Contact Center

Today, businesses constantly need services to reach out to their customers through a faster, more reliable, and economical communication platform. The rise of digitization has therefore brought in a multiplicity of service delivery organizations, geographies, business practices, call center technologies, and communication networks. Managed Contact Center simplifies management overheads, provides geographic flexibility, and improves quality, particularly for multi-site contact center operations.


Flexibility: get the functionality you need and pay only for what you use.

Scalability: ramp up and down as your business needs dictate.

Responsiveness: deploy new technology rapidly and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Empowerment: change and reconfigure aspects of the Service as you please, without the need for IT support.

Freedom: try technologies before you buy and experiment at will.

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Solution Design Services

Wateen experts take into consideration the impact on other technology, including third-party products and applications, as well as business and operational processes which include:

  • A detailed network configuration plan
  • Well-planned Site Layout
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Complete Deployment Plan
  • Training & Transformation

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