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Voice Services in Pakistan

Wateen has a solution that is perfect for you, whether you are a new startup with basic communications needs or a large multi-office corporation that requires tailored services. Wateen Telephony enables you to communicate and connect with your family, friends, clients, and business partners via voice seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Trunking Solutions

Wateen facilitates multiple PBX interfaces such as:

  1. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
  2. PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
  3. POTS (Plain Old Telephone System)

Universal Access Number

Wateen maintains geographically distributed sites and offices while providing a single UAN for receiving calls.

These services are provided through PRI, SIP, and POTS trunking interfaces, allowing users to receive several calls using a single, easy-to-remember non-geographic number.

Direct Inward/Outward Dial Numbers

Wateen provides fast and cost-effective direct inward dialing (DID) and direct outward dialing (DOD) solutions to businesses around the country, allowing you to set up a high-quality, digital telephony setup at a lower cost.

Toll Free Services

Wateen provides a toll-free service to its clients, allowing them to connect with their customers for better relationship management through the use of a toll-free service.

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