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Wateen is Pakistan's leading choice for innovative telecom and technology solutions nationwide.


We develop advanced technology solutions with unmatched certified expertise through our strategic partnerships with global technology leaders like Cisco, Huawei, DELLEMC, Fortinet, Logsign, SentinelOne, and many more. Explore how our collaboration with these Big Mavens enables Wateen to transform the overall telecommunication and network experience while mitigating all network security risks across Pakistan.


As proud partners with Huawei, a global telecommunications and technology leader, our certified Huawei experts drive excellence by providing and integrating Huawei Solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs, ensuring unparalleled service delivery to Wateen’s customers.


Wateen hosts the largest team of Cisco Certified Experts in Pakistan as a Cisco Gold Partner in Pakistan. We are the industry leaders in providing Cisco Solutions in Pakistan. With a diverse range of Cisco Services, our team not only provides Cisco Solutions, but integrates them in a way that is best suited to your needs. 

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