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Wateen hosts the largest team of Cisco Certified Experts in Pakistan as a Cisco Gold Partner in Pakistan. We are the industry leaders in providing Cisco Solutions in Pakistan. With a diverse range of Cisco Services, our team not only provides Cisco Solutions but integrates them in a way that is best suited to your needs. Wateen is the ideal Cisco Systems Integrator for your organization.

A partnership that stood strong for over a decade

Wateen has maintained its position as a Cisco Gold Partner Integrator in Pakistan for over 10 years and counting. Our partnership has withstood the test of time with top-of-the-line Cisco products and services that have served our customers across Pakistan. If you’re looking for a Cisco Partner in Pakistan, Wateen is your one-stop-shop for anything and everything Cisco!

Software Defined Networks

In essence, an SDN is an architecture designed to organize and manage computer networks by separating data and control functions of networking hardware, such as packet switches, LAN switches, and routers, using a well-defined Application Programming Interface (API) for better communication and management of the 2-way data traffic flow on a network.

Wireless & Mobility

In the world of network communications, the word “Mobile” refers to devices that are handy and portable and can be taken anywhere. … Wireless, necessarily does not mean mobile but refers to anything that is not “wire dependent” to establish a connection between two devices. Non-mobile devices and computers can access wireless networks.


Briefly put, the word “Collaboration” within an organization, typically means the involvement of a group of people to collectively review and contribute to given assignments (documents or any content), over a shared network and allows them to “collaborate” as the word naturally implies. Collaboration within an enterprise allows workers within an organization to share information and work collectively on projects from dispersed locations.

Network Security

It is a natural demand of all organizations operating in a digital environment with computer infrastructures to ensure that their systems and users are safeguarded all the time to ensure a seamless working environment. They operate without any glitch or hindrance. That their data is safe from attacks and theft.

APM Software

So, what exactly is APM? Application performance management (APM) software enables an organization to ensure that its critical applications conform to established industry standards and norms set for performance, availability, and quality of end-user experience.

Managed Solutions

Due to resource constraints, several businesses are not able to manage their IT infrastructures. Their best bet is to hire the services of a “managed service provider (MSP)” to look after and offer managed solutions. By outsourcing these services, the MSP will operate, monitor, and maintain their respective IT environments.

Support Services

Simply put, Network Support Services ensure that an organization’s computer network keeps running faultlessly, is productive, and is up to date with the latest upgrades. These services ensure that all networked devices are healthy, and all hardware, software, and personal devices are mutually compatible and seamlessly integrated.

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