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Life at Wateen

At Wateen, we believe in a culture of inclusion, whereby every single member of the Wateen family takes ownership and pride in contributing towards the organization’s success. Employee satisfaction is a top priority at work as we actively work towards creating a culture that nourishes professional capabilities and allows them to grow as a team.

Learning & Development

We are constantly creating avenues to allow our employees to expand and enhance their professional capacities through our L&D interventions. Apart from engaging external Subject Matter Experts, we utilize our team’s talent and encourage a culture of mentorship and knowledge sharing.

Recreational Events

Work-life balance is not just fancy jargon at Wateen, it is something we actively believe in and strive to achieve. Recreational events are regularly organized for our employee base to boost morale, leading to productivity and efficient work output.

Independence Day Celebrations

We take pride in our independence and exhibit our love for the Motherland by celebrating 14th August every year.

Women’s Day

This day marks a call to action for accelerating an inclusive work culture that empowers women. At Wateen, we celebrate and recognize the achievements of women on International Women’s Day.

Bring Your Kids to Work Days

Employees bring their children to the office premises for Smile Days. The kids get to know where their parents spend their time and feel proud to share the same space.

Be Your Own Boss

These days are a true reflection of the value we place on each of our employees. Subordinates get a chance to assume their Manager’s role for a day and get tokens of appreciation from the management.

Excursion Days

Wateen regularly organizes excursion trips for its employees to give them a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Sports Events

We firmly believe in the philosophy of focusing on physical health to ensure mental and emotional well-being. Several sports events organized around the year for employees include cricket, volleyball, and much more.

Fitness Camps

At Wateen, we focus on employee wellbeing by encouraging them to invest in physical activities through fitness workouts. After work hours, Wateen’s office premises become a fitness boot camp for employees to enjoy a workout with a designated trainer.

Eid Greeting Cards

Send personalized Eid cards to your loved ones to celebrate the blessed occasion of Eid.