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Solar Energy Solutions

Wateen Energy offers a diverse range of advanced solar solutions to meet the energy requirements of our customers. We provide a diverse range of energy solutions. Our renewable energy solutions are customizable, cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable.

Industrial Sector

Wateen Energy helps you find solar energy alternatives to meet quotas and provide large-scale industrial solutions that help you reduce fuel consumption and increase profit margin.


Wateen Energy’s small-scale installations are custom-made for residential units and small/medium enterprises. Our customers can reap numerous benefits like lower electric bills, avoiding government-regulated power outages, lower carbon footprints, and an increase in property value.


Wateen Energy offers readily usable customized commercial solar installations with international products at market-competitive rates. This helps you reduce fuel consumption and increase your profit margin.

Telecom Sector

Having been a frontrunner in the telecom sector, Wateen is now powering your mobile towers in the remotest areas where grid power is a distant dream. These economically feasible and sustainable solutions help telecom providers expand their tele density.

Solar Parks (IPP)

Solar Parks are large-scale solar panel installations over an extensive stretch of vacant land. These installations absorb sunlight all day. They reduce carbon emissions and sound pollution with a high return on investment. ​Wateen’s solar park installations and cutting-edge grid systems store energy to meet your daily energy quotas and ensure the smooth sailing of the production process.​

Energy Storage Systems

Our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) establish optimum utilization of solar power and store it to ensure uninterrupted power supply even in case of outages.

EV Chargers

Wateen Energy offers advanced solar EV charging infrastructure where we deploy high-quality AC wall boxes, reliable DC fast charging with robust connectivity, and innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems.

carrier connectivity
connectivity for enterprises


Reduce electricity costs, building material costs, carbon footprint, and ozone-depleting gases by using our BIPV systems and add to your building’s architectural value with Wateen Energy’s Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

Hybrid Solutions

(Wind/Solar/Bio Energy)

Wateen’s Energy Solutions encompasses solar, wind, and hybrid solutions. Why rely on one renewable energy source when you can have a hybrid of two so you can stay powered even during days without sun.

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