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What is Collaboration?

Briefly put, the word “Collaboration” within an organization, typically means the involvement of a group of people to collectively review and contribute to given assignments (documents or any content), over a shared network and allows them to “collaborate” as the word naturally implies. Collaboration within an enterprise allows workers within an organization to share information and work collectively on projects from dispersed locations.

Collaboration Platform

To undertake all this, a “collaboration platform”, is deployed which is a category of business software that adds broad social networking capabilities to work processes with the goal of facilitating knowledge management between collaborating parties.

Cisco Application Performance Management

The major benefits of incorporating an integrated Cisco Application Performance Management solution allows for a detailed and comprehensive view of various performance indicators of applications critical to the business through database monitoring and cloud-based monitoring. The greatest advantage of adopting APM tools is that they provide real-time performance issue alerts and generate reports that offer data related to performance analysis that helps IT teams repair, improve, or update application software.

Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration
sharing technologies may include the use of collaboration tools like IP telephony, videoconferencing, headsets, webcams, and installing some form of groupware (E.g. computer-based messaging, etc.) that allows seamless data-sharing capabilities.

CISCO Collaboration

Solutions have significantly transformed the business conducted by Cisco. Cisco IT deploys these solutions to help transform and boost productivity, enhance business processes, and increase decision-making speed. As a result, communications are significantly simplified, innovation is inspired, and people are empowered helping them to productively engage with each other and from anywhere using any communication equipment.

IP Telephony

The latest IP phones introduced by Cisco, significantly reduce risks of regulatory compliance while providing the latest technology with the option to be on-premises or cloud. Being a pioneer, the Cisco IP telephony apparatus has proved to be a trusted communications resource for organizations globally as early as 1998. A major milestone was achieved lately when the total number of IP phones sold crossed 100 million.

The Cisco IP phone portfolio includes user-friendly, full-featured IP phones geared to meet the ever-demanding needs of the entire organization

200,000+ Cisco collaboration custmers wolrdwide.
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2.5X IP phones shipped than our closes
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95% Fortune 500 companies use Cisco Collaboratin solutions.
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Cisco Video Conferencing

A new way of working namely, Hotdesking is trending lately which turns any workspace into a personal desk by merely connecting devices and pairing them using mobile, badges, or laptops. With Cisco WebEx technology, users can remain updated with the latest industry-leading end points for collaboration and allowing to stay up to date with the latest technology. 

Especially with the advent of remote working norms, Cisco WebEx is here to offer support. It allows businesses, groups, or teams, safely and securely connected. The video conferencing facility offered by WebEx video conference tools allows for enhanced collaborations, massively reduced travel expenditures, and greatly simplified mobility.

Most smartphones, tablets, or laptops make it convenient to video conference. The Cisco WebEx hardware offers a host of solutions such as the Cisco WebEx room series, Cisco WebEx board, and Cisco WebEx desk series, all resulting in an agile workplace environment.

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