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What are Managed Solutions ?

Due to resource constraints, several businesses are not able to manage their own IT infrastructures. Their best bet is to hire the services of a “managed service provider (MSP)” to look after and offer managed solutions. By outsourcing these services, the MSP will operate, monitor, and maintain their respective IT environments.

Why do you mean Managed Solutions?

Some of the important reasons why managed network services hold crucial importance in modern-day businesses. A few salient benefits that managed services provide are (but not limited to), are, controlling IT costs by doing away with an in-house IT team, gaining access to well-tested and up-to-date technical knowhow, getting in touch with qualified IT experts having enriched experience, strengthening of network security, 24/7 monitoring resulting in fast response and low down time and ensuring data backups.

Cisco Managed Services (CMS)

Cisco Managed Services (CMS) are designed to assist customers achieve at least a 40% percent reduction in IT expenditures. This is achieved by adopting new technology and changes in the overall IT infrastructure and offering migrating options to a more modern and complex world of cloud computing.

95% of organizations changed their technology priorities during the pendemic.
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Two-thirds of SD-WAN business is expected to go managed by 2015.
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Woldwide managed services revenue in the channel is expected to grow by 16% in 2021
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Managed WAN

In short, managed WAN services offer monitoring and pre-alerts regarding problems of a critical nature such as network outages. Higher levels of service can additionally offer management of configuration; proactive troubleshooting and resolution of faults; and SLA management. At a more advanced level, they can also offer more sophisticated/granular monitoring and reporting; on-the-ground CPE installation and hardware support, ensuring CPE software is up-to-date and configured correctly; and overall lifecycle management.

Cisco managed WAN

Cisco’s managed WAN allows seamless connectivity with any user to any application while offering integrated capabilities for multi-cloud, security, unified communications, and application optimization—all on a SASE-enabled architecture. It allows users to take control of digital experience across the internet, the cloud, and software as a service (SaaS) with Cisco Thousand Eyes integration.

How it works is state-of-art tech artistry. Cisco SD-WAN powered by Viptela/IOS XE is a highly secure, cloud-scale architecture that is open, programmable, and scalable. Cisco’s vManage console allows for the quick establishment of an SD-WAN overlay layer. This helps to connect data centers, branches, campuses, and colocation facilities to improve network speed, security, and efficiency.

Managed Wireless

In short, managed Wi-Fi is a new broadband industry buzzword. These are systems that allow either the consumer or the ISP itself, a way of watching, managing, and troubleshooting a home’s wireless network. The actual managed services will vary depending on the managed Wi-Fi service provider.

Cisco’s wireless

Cisco’s wireless offers its new and revolutionary Wi-Fi 6 technology that extends into the 6-GHz spectrum with faster speeds, lower latency, and stronger security. Its access points are built to work seamlessly and dynamically with our cloud-managed network switches, IoT devices, and security solutions. All are configured to be deployed, secured, and monitored at scale. This is a wireless solution, that can re-prioritize traffic to mission-critical apps on and off any network with the capacity to immediately detect threats while adapting itself to attached devices the minute they connect.

Managed Data CentreSimply put, a data center is a physical facility that organizations use to house their critical applications and data. A managed data center is a type of data center model that a 3rd party deploys, manages, and monitors. Its features and functionality are like a standard data center but managed through an outsourced service provider.

Cisco Data Centers Optimize workloads across a hybrid cloud for superior performance and great value, with flexible consumption for your on-premises infrastructure. They offer software-defined storage, data center applications, converged infrastructure, big data analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure and avenues of AI & machine learning.

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