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What are Network Support Services?

Simply put, Network Support Services ensure that an organization’s computer network keeps running faultlessly, is productive, and is up to date with the latest upgrades. These services ensure that all networked devices are healthy, and all hardware, software, and personal devices are mutually compatible and seamlessly integrated.

Network support generally includes everything from regular maintenance tasks to the testing and troubleshooting of problems to designing and developing new features software support services etc. to increase overall functionality and productivity.

What are Advanced Services?

Advanced services include O&M services, premium support, and consultancy services to optimize and make required changes in customer networks. These services also include premium support and consultancy services including license renewal assessments, SLAs – (Service Level Agreements), on-call consultants, and site-based engineering

Cisco Advanced Services

As the tagline goes “Expertise that accelerates business”. Cisco experts offer foresight-based planning/design & implementation/migration services to their valued clients. These services allow the corporation to design innovation-based future operations. Their expertise allows them to help validate, deploy, integrate, and drive the adoption of the latest technologies.

The Cisco CX team helps meet business needs, by orchestrating innovative transformation of the network which is backed by deep knowledge and expertise available around the clock. Similarly, Cisco UX team base their advanced customer support delivery on principles of empathy, visibility, and flexibility to develop exact personas to deliver unique set of experiences that suit a wide variety of clients. They UX team at Cisco put their users (employees, customer, and partners) foremost and center –resulting in one of the world’s best customer focused companies to work for.

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