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As proud partners with Huawei, a global telecommunications and technology leader, our certified Huawei experts drive excellence by providing and integrating Huawei Solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs, ensuring unparalleled service delivery to Wateen’s customers. 

Our strategic partnership with Huawei has brought forth outstanding solutions that leverage Huawei’s world-renowned technology and innovation. Wateen stands as the only Huawei VAP in Pakistan and is the premier destination for those seeking Huawei solutions, providing a robust platform for advanced telecommunications and technology solutions for your enterprise needs.


Huawei’s SD-WAN Solution provides powerful networking, a superior user experience, and simplified O&M capabilities, meeting WAN interconnection requirements of enterprises of all shapes and sizes and carriers and service providers.

Converged LAN & WAN

Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus introduces the LAN-WAN convergence solution. This ground-breaking solution provides all-scenario, full lifecycle cloud-based management capabilities, freeing enterprises from maintaining multiple network management platforms and achieving consistent O&M experience.

Network Security

Huawei’s HiSec Solution offers intelligent threat detection, threat response, and security Operations and Maintenance (O&M), improving the threat prevention capabilities of enterprise networks and telecom infrastructure, all while increasing security O&M efficiency and reducing O&M costs.

Data Storage

Following the vision of building a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation for diverse applications, Huawei storage unlocks new levels of intelligence and power inherent in data, helping organizations of all sizes navigate the uncertain, complex, and diverse marketplace. Purpose-built for the digital world, Huawei offers converged and flexible storage solutions that boast the power and reliability needed to meet green, sustainable, and future-facing development goals.

Intelligent Collaboration

Huawei’s Intelligent Collaboration adheres to the core strategic concept of device-cloud synergies to provide customers with premium products and solutions, such as Huawei CloudLink Cloud Video Conferencing and HUAWEI IdeaHub. The aim is to meet the requirements for all-scenario service coverage and seamless multi-device collaboration, facilitating enterprises and partners to go digital and intelligent.

Service Provider Network

Extending from homes to rooms, factories to machines, and offices to desktops, optical fiber connections provide ubiquitous optical connectivity for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments, as well as the energy, transportation, finance, education, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

Support & Managed Services

Support and Managed Services are designed to help businesses undertake their digital transformation journey. These services cover every step of the transformation process, from strategic development and implementation to operational support, effectively helping customers successfully realize digital transformation, now and in the future.

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