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A Look at Wateen’s Womens’ Day Celebration 2023

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A Look at Wateen’s Womens' Day Celebration 2023

Go Girls Go! So, as many of you know 8th March is International Women’s Day!

It is the perfect time to step back and celebrate all kind, fearless, and confident women.


women day celebration 2023


Not to be too preachy, but we genuinely LOVE this month. At Wateen, we are all about spreading happiness and positivity, so it warms our hearts to honor Wateen’s leading ladies on this day! 

This year Wateen is continuing the tradition of building a strong community that celebrates women’s achievements together!

The goal is to encourage and empower women to take on leadership roles in the organization.

To kick off the event, the mediators emphasized the significance of gender equality in the workplace and discussed the initiatives that Wateen has taken to advance women’s participation in the work force.

Women from various departments shared their experiences, inspiring young women to take on leadership roles and believe in their potential to grow.

The celebration ended with a networking session with the CEO along with the senior management team, where they discussed where the company was headed in the coming years, and the opportunities for women’s growth in the workplace.

It is more important than ever to #EmbraceEquity, speak up for women, and stand strong!

We envision a world that is gender-neutral, free of bias and discrimination, where we can celebrate our differences, and where everyone, regardless of gender, is valued equally.

Wateen hopes to continue promoting gender equality and empowering women in our organization and beyond. Are you doing your part to champion an equitable world?

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