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Here’s How Wateen Telecom is Driving Digital Transformation through its Services

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Every single industry has been hit by the digital meteor in the last few years alone. Be it hospitality,

Every single industry has been hit by the digital meteor in the last few years alone. Be it hospitality, manufacturing, finance, or even retail, all businesses are molding their ways to adapt to disruptive technologies. Undoubtedly, digital transformation is moving at a rapid pace. As new business models and technologies resurface every day, companies that do not adapt in time might have to exit the race eventually.


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Being one of the key ICT players in the digital transformation in Pakistan, Wateen Telecom is leading when it comes to adapting to new technological changes. With the fastest-growing fiber infrastructure network reaching 240 cities across Pakistan, it is providing technology solutions for Enterprises, Carriers, and SMEs across the country.

Businesses are now looking for avenues to automate their workflows and systems. Wateen is playing its part in enabling organizations to adapt. Here are a few services that the company is leading the charge in.


Enterprise Connectivity

To keep pace, Wateen is constantly looking at new ways of delivering services to businesses. Providing complete service solutions for Internet, Voice, Multimedia, and Enterprise solutions make Wateen the most comprehensive provider for the country’s communication necessities.


Carrier Services

Wateen is serving over 300 Carrier and Enterprise customers through its telecom roadway. Connecting the South of Pakistan to the West and North, Wateen’s network traverses all major telecom hubs and carrier and enterprise footprint. Using the biggest metro network of the country, offered in more than 131 cities and towns of Pakistan, Wateen is extending its connectivity to the customers.


Residential Offerings

Being a network that is fit for the next generation, Wateen also provides best-in-class home connectivity services including telephone, Internet, TV, and value-added services over a single fiber cable. A lightning-fast speed of up to 100Mbps allows for smooth and seamless gaming and streaming experience with fast downloads.


Network Solutions for Businesses

From routing & switching, Wireless LAN, Security & Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Unified Communications, Building Management Systems, Network Improvement, Carrier & Colocation facilities, Design Consultancy, etc., Wateen is excelling when it comes to offering extensive services of solutions integration in IT.


End-to-End Managed Services

Wateen enables you to focus on your core business with end-to-end managed services. By leveraging cutting-edge SD-WAN technology, the company offers new and smarter ways for businesses to add efficiency to their operations.

As an organization that is constantly innovating to meet growing demands, Wateen is on its way to spearheading Pakistan’s digital journey with a large portfolio of customers and businesses relying on its services.


Cloud-Based Systems

In today’s subscription-based economy, organizations are adapting to new business landscapes that focus on tech adoption. Companies now have a growing preference for third-party cloud-based services. Wateen provides subscription models tailored to their customers’ needs. Their cloud offerings include IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS which are fully managed and maintained by Wateen. Customers can access and scale their IT capabilities depending on their unique requirements. Understanding the correlation between customers’ demands and technological innovation, Wateen Telecom is always one step ahead of the game. It is one of the top organizations that offer new and smart ways for businesses to add efficiency to their day-to-day operations.

By targeting the major industries of Pakistan including FMCGs, Public, Retail, Banking, Education, Insurance, Telecom, Energy, and Manufacturing Units, Wateen is making sure that every sector of our country adapts cost and time-efficient end-to-end solutions.

After all, digital inclusion is a stepping stone for the digitalization that we envision for Pakistan.

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