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How Managed WiFi Services Improve Connectivity and User Experience

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Absolutely! From businesses to individuals, everyone relies on the Internet for various activities, like

Nowadays, connectivity is more than just a convenience, isn’t it? 

Absolutely! From businesses to individuals, everyone relies on the Internet for various activities, like communication, entertainment, education, work, and so much more. The quality of this connectivity can significantly impact the user experience, making managed WiFi services an essential component of modern life. These services are at the forefront of fulfilling this crucial need, offering high-speed, secure, and reliable connections. 

Wateen, a leading telecommunication service provider in Pakistan, offers cost-effective solutions for seamless networking experiences. They provide a range of products and services that ensure convenient internet access, making them a vital player in the country’s digital landscape.  Wateen services various sectors, including carriers, enterprises, SMEs, and residential customers. They provide state-of-the-art network connections, ensuring seamless nationwide and global connectivity that benefits businesses, increasingly turning towards digital solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.  


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The Power of Managed WiFi Services

Managed WiFi services offer a new, more innovative way for businesses to add efficiency to their operations. One such service is the Software-Defined – Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions, which Wateen offers in collaboration with Cisco. 

SD-WAN is the latest version of WAN technology, suitable for organizations of various sizes. Unlike previous WAN technologies, SD-WAN is entirely controlled by a centralized software program, which creates an overlay on top of the circuits. 

This method significantly improves the WAN’s visibility, performance, and manageability, making the entire WAN environment brighter and more dynamic. 


The Benefits of SD-WAN

Choosing Wateen and Cisco’s SD-WAN offers several benefits. It provides a predictable application experience, increasing user productivity by optimizing cloud and on-premises application performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control. 

It also offers comprehensive on-premises and cloud-based security, helping accelerate the transition to a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.

With SD-WAN, emerging and diversifying business operations need high-speed connectivity to maintain their universality. The service launched by Wateen in collaboration with Cisco has the potential to transform businesses by streamlining their supply chains, making daily tasks less cumbersome, and eliminating complexity from the overall equation.

High-speed connectivity can significantly improve performance, boost security, enable seamless cloud usage and connectivity, and reduce related costs. The introduction of SD-WAN signals the inauguration of a new frontier for digitization in the country, transforming the face of modern organizations.


Managed WAN Services in Pakistan

Wateen’s Managed WAN monitoring is a proactive service for customer-designated managed devices. It links 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Customer Network Operation Center (CNOC). 

Wateen monitors customer-managed devices through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). They provide fault notifications for customer-managed devices, creating a trouble ticket and attempting to notify the customer’s designated point of contact within the agreed service level.

Wateen’s Managed Router service manages existing or new router infrastructures through a proactive and secure management service that includes monitoring, notification and restoration, maintenance, assurance, lifecycle management, backup, and restoration of configurations.

Wateen Managed WAN (Full Management) service is the complete end-to-end management of customers’ networks. The service includes monitoring, managing, and fixing customer networks. Wateen also handles all ongoing configuration changes as part of the lifecycle management of the customer network.

Managed WiFi services, particularly SD-WAN solutions, transform businesses’ operations, offering improved connectivity and user experience. 

Wateen is leading the way, and the future of connectivity in Pakistan and beyond looks bright!  

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