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ICT – A Key Driver of Pakistan’s Digital Future

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Technology isn’t just an abstract concept related to advanced tools and systems; it is much more than

Technology isn’t just an abstract concept related to advanced tools and systems; it is much more than that. It helps shape people’s behaviors, growth, and evolution in a society. In terms of development, technology has helped bridge a global gap, allowing people to learn about the world and connect with each other in ways that were near-to impossible in the past.


ICT key driver of digital future


Today, we can book tickets, flights, and hotel rooms to travel conveniently across the world with a few taps on our smartphones. Mobile banking and ATM machines have made monetary transactions more streamlined and quicker, with more efficiency. Technology has seeped into every aspect of our daily life whether it’s communication, transportation, education, or work.

But, unfortunately, there still exist massive inclusion gaps when it comes to digital uptake in the developing world. In Pakistan too, the divide is gaping and needs to be addressed on priority. Luckily, the country’s ICT sector is helping a great deal in plugging these gaps and bringing the masses into the fold of digital inclusion so the benefits of technology can be extended to everyone.

Both telecom players and ISPs are contributing greatly to accelerating the nation’s pace towards Digital Pakistan that would pride itself in an IT-based knowledge economy. From basic connectivity to internet access, these players are striving to include more people digitally and ease their access to a world of opportunities, be it health, education, information, or employment.

Over the past few years, in particular, the telecom sector in Pakistan witnessed a peak in data usage, with broadband users going up to 100 million in 2021. This new, post-pandemic normal has offered the telecom sector a unique opportunity to give the economy a necessary boost to counter the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

One of the ICT players leading the digital transformation in Pakistan is Wateen Telecom. It has emerged as one of the leading players in the country’s promising ICT sector. It is one of the fastest-growing fiber-optic networks for Enterprises, Carriers, and SMEs across the country, with over 35,000 KM of state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure, reaching 240 cities across Pakistan.

With a new focus, brought along with its change in management, Wateen has played a vital role in providing data and connectivity services to customers and businesses alike. The organization has delivered top-of-the-line services be it fiber, managed capacities, fiber-to-the-tower, or VSAT networks.

Wateen Enterprise successfully executed strategic end-to-end ICT projects with government organizations, SMEs, large enterprises, the health sector, and financial institutions.

The organization has continued to nurture scalable partnerships, owing to its extensive suite of managed services portfolio. As an organization that is constantly innovating to meet growing demands, Wateen is on its way to spearhead Pakistan’s digital journey with a large portfolio of customers and businesses relying on its services.

Living in a post-pandemic world and having gotten used to the new normal, we now know the crucial importance of digital access and seamless connectivity. It’s our firsthand experience how reliable internet access kept us all safe from the deadly pandemic, enabling us to do everything remotely while practicing social distancing.

To match our pace with the rest of the world, the country’s digital sector needs to be robust and seamless to eliminate the digital divide and make connectivity possible for all. Moreover, digital inclusion is also the very primary tenet and a stepping stone for the digitalization that we envision for Pakistan.

With ICT players like Wateen, our digital journey can be easier, faster, and more worthwhile

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