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Navigating the Anywhere-Workforce: Surfing the Waves of Change

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The impact of technology has been significantly shaking the organisations like a can of soda in recent years

What is Modern Workforce Transformation?

The impact of technology has been significantly shaking the organisations like a can of soda in recent years, particularly with the rise of cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile devices. The COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the fire accelerating this shift towards remote work, leading to a modern workforce transformation that ameliorates competitiveness, innovation readiness, environmental sustainability, and employee satisfaction.

Organizations must prepare for a new generation of workers who expect a smooth onboarding process, easy collaboration, and advanced communication tools that are cooler than a cucumber. Remote work has become a necessity for many employees, and companies are increasingly adopting technology to support this shift.


navigating workforce surfing the waves of change


Why is it important?

Wow, talk about a revolution! The modern workforce has transformed into a work-from-anywhere model. In 2020, a whopping 89% of companies had their employees working from the comfort of their own homes with remote work increased by 140%. According to a Gallup survey, 80% of employees are now working in a hybrid or remote setup. A study by AT&T even predicts that this hybrid work model will grow from 42% in 2021 to a whopping 81% in 2024

But with all this remote work, managing devices and users becomes crucial. Just take it from a healthcare customer in Pakistan who got hit by a sneaky ransomware in 2018 due to some unpatched Windows devices. The hackers padlocked hundreds of endpoint devices with important and sensitive patient records. Whoopsie! Looks like they could have used a little more endpoint management and proper controls.

And the hackers bounce tapped strongly with ransomwares in 2022.


Benefits of Workforce Transformation:

The use of technology has reaped several benefits for organizations, such as increased innovation, agility, flexibility, and security. Device enrollment has become more efficient, reducing the chances of data breaches and ensuring the safety of sensitive information. Virtualized applications and management allow employees to access needed tools from any device, anywhere. Video conferencing tools play a big role in enabling employees to communicate and collaborate effectively. IT support has also benefited, with the integration of management tools resulting in secure user and device management, employing zero-trust and making hybrid work successful.


What are the principles of Workforce Transformation?

The principles of workforce transformation can be clustered into three main areas:

  1. quick response,
  2. adaptation to new devices and data,
  3. and acceleration of the transformation process.


How can Wateen Solution help?

Wateen Solutions empowers customers with unified endpoint management technology for a seamless Modern Workspace transformation. Having a dedicated team, we specialize in providing comprehensive Enterprise Software and Security Solutions, and closely work with our customers during their transition.



In conclusion, the modern workforce transformation has revolutionized the way we work. Technology has made jobs easier, enabled remote work, and helped IT securely manage users and devices. Virtualization, mobile devices, and video conferencing tools are contributing to a more flexible and secure work environment. Organizations are becoming more responsive to the needs of their employees, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the future, regardless of the size and function of the organization. Let’s not wait for the ’goat rope’ moment and let Wateen help you with your workforce transformation.

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