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Redefining Innovation with Wateen and Cisco Meraki

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Modern businesses around the world are moving from old business models to updated ways of working that are

Modern businesses around the world are moving from old business models to updated ways of working that are suitable for pushing through any kind of challenge, natural or man-made. The companies that succeed in this goal stand out as clear leaders within their industries with one common trait that differentiates them from the crowd: embracing innovation.


innovation with wateen and CISCO


Innovation in technology leads to technological disruptions as businesses shift from old-school, outdated legacy systems to modern cloud-based solutions. Wateen Telecom understands the correlation between customers’ demands and technological innovation. To make sure that businesses across the country are able to reach greater heights than ever before, Wateen brings them the cutting-edge services of Cisco Meraki.


Meraki lets businesses thrive amongst challenges. Here’s how:

    • Automation and Security: Wateen and Cisco Meraki’s complete range of managed services in cybersecurity, automation, and the latest Wi-Fi technology lets you focus on the grind.
    • Simplified Management: Cisco Meraki’s automated Wi-Fi channels, simplified multi-site management, and wireless safety are designed to set new standards in user experience.
    • Machine Learning Insights: The smart Cisco Meraki access points are equipped to offer important machine learning insights into a customer’s devices, contributing in identifying bottlenecks and deploying other software solutions.
    • Visibility and Control: Whether it’s a small business that aims to stay connected with customers, or an educational institution improving its technical capabilities, Cisco Meraki’s cloud based dashboard gives them full visibility into a network and total control.


    Over the years, Wateen Telecom and Cisco have built a strong partnership with one comprehensive goal in mind – to create simple IT solutions that support its customers through any experience.

    Much like Wateen, Meraki has also continued to experiment, innovate, and simplify services, paving the way with industry-firsts, and empowering the world with intelligent solutions. It comes as no surprise when some of the world’s top companies choose Meraki as their IT innovation partner.

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