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The Carrier That’s Connecting Pakistan

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Today, technology is shaping how people behave and evolve in society. Being the driving force of growth

people to connect in ways that were once considered impossible.

Among the few pioneers of technology in Pakistan, Wateen Telecom stands tall as a disrupter in the market by shifting the competitive landscape and exploring new horizons. Wateen’s ambition to empower its customers has driven it to be the ‘carriers’ carrier’, as the connectivity provider for Pakistan’s largest telecom operators and CMOS (Cellular Mobile Operators).


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With its far-reaching infrastructure for growing high-speed data needs, Wateen’s carrier services are primed for the era of 5G.

The company’s fiber-optic network is the backbone of Pakistan’s growing telecom demands and is all set to embrace next-generation internet technology through initiatives like FTTT.

Credited with transforming the country’s communications technology landscape, Wateen Telecom is accelerating Pakistan towards a new digital era with its cutting-edge solutions meant to enable telecom companies.

The company provides support to build, operate, and maintain the technology infrastructure of telcos including complex environments like software-defined data centers and networks.

With its large portfolio of services, Wateen is the preferred technology partner for CMOs and telcos across Pakistan.

From Karachi to Khyber, Wateen connects Pakistan as one unit. Not only are they catering to the needs of its customers on a national level but are also the strongest regional connectivity partner for Pakistan’s neighboring countries in South-East Asia.

Wateen, the leading ICT services provider, is offering new and smarter ways for businesses to increase efficiency in their operations.

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