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What is SDN ?

In essence, an SDN is an architecture designed to organize and manage computer networks by separating data and control functions of networking hardware, such as packet switches, LAN switches, and routers, using a well-defined Application Programming Interface (API) for better communication and management of the 2-way data traffic flow on a network.


solutions help in simplifying network operations while significantly reducing complications by delineating the data plane from the control planes securing automation and making it scalable and secure. Using open APIs ensures quick time to market and seamless integration of 3rd party products in no time. CISCO SDN architecture offers one of the best DCIM and SNMP protocols in Pakistan that do away with manual configurations while offering the opportunity to efficiently manage WANs, campuses, and data centers. They lay down the basis to seamlessly centralize functions like data center monitoring, service delivery, and automation of cloud services.

Data Centers

Data Centersprimarily consist of electronic equipment used for data processing (servers), data storage (storage equipment), and communications (network equipment). This equipment collectively processes, stores, and transmits digital information and is referred to as information technology (IT) equipment.

They are supported by specialized power conversion and backup equipment to maintain supply of reliable, high-quality power input. CISCO data centers offer unique and sometimes bespoke data center management solutions to your business preferences.

Apart from regular services, CISCO offers an all-encompassing cloud management platform that allows users to manage their entire IT activities from any location in the world.

It makes use of a hybrid cloud that offers excellent value-added performance while allowing a flexible utilization of your on-site infrastructure at the same time. Other computing solutions include software-defined storage, converged/virtual desktop infrastructure, AI/ML & Big Data analytics to name a few.


A router can be termed a common type of “information gateway”. It is present where two or more networks meet at each point of presence (PoP), on the internet. It can be a physical or a virtual apparatus that passes data and information between two or more “packet-switched” computer networks.


Routers check the destination Internet Protocol (IP Address) of a data packet and then calculate the optimum route for it to reach its destination and then forward it accordingly.

Cisco routing

Cisco routing solutions offer intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud-based applications. Network routers on offer include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security to deliver a proven 360-degree solution.


can be defined as a process whereby data is channeled from a different number of input ports to designated ports which then transmit it to its allocated destination. The equipment that handles the input data is referred to as a “network switch”. The data entering point of data is called the ingress point, whereas data transmitting out of the port is called “egress”. Switch basically represents the go-through medium that routes the data to its intended.


CISCO Switches

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